PARTICIPACIÓN en la CALL "Dead Line 6 de enero 2019"

PARTICIPACIÓN en la CALL "Dead Line 6 de enero 2019"

Deutsche Bahn wants to use their trains not just as an object/train to transport passenger or merchandise from A to B, but as moving objects that can track/scan the infrastructure around themselves.

They are looking for a solution based on sensorics or/and laser, cameras, radars or on a combined technology with GPS, that recognize and analyze what and where there is infrastructure to improve or repair.  This solution should include:

  • Continuous track monitoring – measuring the infrastructure by every train ride
  • Stock-taking of infrastructure (for example by camera on the train, image recognition)
  • Predictive and Condition based maintenance
  • Navigation tools for precise routing (routing the maintenance teams to the facilities off road)

They are opened to one or more companies (working together) that could answer this need. Deadline: 6 January 2019

More information and application form:  

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