I+D+R-Cross Fertilization International Workshop (11.-12.03.2019, Barcelona)

I+D+R-Cross Fertilization International Workshop (11.-12.03.2019, Barcelona)

eurecat/railgrup/BTS-Workshop in Barcelona

Proposed date: 11.-12.03.2019


  • Preparing the German/Catalan call for R&D project proposals in 2019 by supporting at least 1 consortium in this. Our goal is to utilise the workshop to create consortia.
  • Number of participants: 15-20 companies
  • Please Fill in Ecxpression-of-Interest attached at the end of the document as pdf



17pm - Welcome

  • Introduction eurecat / Railgrup / BTS delegation
  • Social event / dinner
    • Background of workshop (ERCI + German/Catalan call for proposals in 2019) (15-20 min)
    • Railgrup Railway Mobility Cluster- Short presentation (5-10min) – Introduction of all railgrup participants (20min)
    • BTS Cluster-Short Presentation (5-10min)  – Introduction of all BTS participants (20 min)


Workshop at eurecat


9:30 am - Welcome  

  • EURECAT Capabilities
  • Visit to EURECAT Premises (tbc)


11:30 am – presentations of potential projects

  • 2 presentations of 20 mins, 2 per cluster


12:30pm - Networking Lunch 


13:30 to 14:30 pm – presentations of potential projects


  • 2 presentations of 20 mins, 2 per cluster
  • Coffee break


15:00 to 17:00 pm - World Café

  • 4 tables (1 table= 1 topic) 
  • 4 rounds à 25 mins
  • Identification of potential areas of common interest and potential Projects
  • Preparation of participation in an upcoming Catalunya/Germany call next year.
  • Next Steps


End of workshop

Status of Topics / Presentations

Technologic field





Smart Maintenance / Smart Materials

Continuous monitoring -

Ubiquitous and highly-connected sensorics

Prof. Dr. Gianaurelio Cuniberti,

Chair for Materials Science and Nanotechnology at University of Technology Dresden


Big Data

MultiOutPut Travel Demand Prediction

Prof. Dr. Marc Torrent, eurecat


Freight digitisation

Sustainable Supply Chains

Mr. David Gau, Greenflex


Vibrations - CBM

Vibs and Acoustics. Overview to CBM. Beyond Prediction.

Mr. Joan Cardona, Avenginyers


Further topics





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