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Short description

Contract on a Solution for Planning and Dispatching of Rolling Stock and Crew
The purpose of the public procurement procedure is delivery, support, hypercare, maintenance and further development of an IT-platform for future planning and dispatching. The platform for future planning and dispatching must support DSB in a better, faster and more agile planning and dispatching process.

Description of the procurement

I. Background and purpose DSB (Danish State Railway) is an independent public corporation owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport.
DSB’s goal is to offer attractive journeys by train to our customers. Annually DSB has more than 195 million passengers and employs approximately 7.400 people. Historically the end-to-end planning process of DSB has followed a sequential “waterfall” model. The process makes it difficult and costly to react to changes. The Danish railway infrastructure is undergoing large changes, such as new tracks and speed upgrades, electrification and exchange of the signalling system across the entire national network to ETCS and for S-train CBTC technology and replacement of a significant part of the current fleet. These changes drive the need for a faster and more agile planning process. In addition to these changes, DSB have the needs is under ongoing political expectations for continuous improvement of the train service quality and costs and a significant part of these improvements are related to DSB’s capabilities within planning. Therefore, DSB needs an ITSolution for future planning and dispatching that ensures informed planning decisions based on in-depth understanding of consequences of decisions for the final plan and dispatching. The scope that the IT-Solution for future planning must cover is: * Planning within DBS’s fields of rolling stock and crew including derived process and system integration. * The planning process from strategical, tactical, operational planning to dispatching and recovery. The key objectives for Future Planning are defined as: * Faster and more agile planning process * Improved network efficiency & punctuality * Improved planning efficiency * Improved employee satisfaction * Minimize operational risk * Platform for the future The IT-Solution for future planning and dispatching will hold a central place in DSB’s complex system landscape why the implementation of the solution for future planning is assumed to take place with close cooperation with DSB utilizing an agile approach. In addition, the central role entails that the Solution for future planning will have a considerable number of integrations to existing DSB systems, not solely in the planning and dispatching process. The following main services can be highlighted covered by the contract on the Solution: II Main services A. Delivery of a configurable standard solution that supports planning and dispatching regarding: a. The disciplines rolling stock and crew planning b. The time horizon from strategical, tactical, operational planning to dispatching and recovery. B. Implementation of a standard solution delivered in partial deliveries structured by discipline and time horizon where each partial delivery is delivered in iterations using an agile method and implemented in a third-party operations environment C. Maintenance and support of a solution which demands a very high degree of stability and further development of the solution focusing on innovation to ensure a solution that is fully up-to date and consultancy regarding the solution.


Estimated value

Value excluding VAT: 42,000,000.00  EU


https://eu.eu-supply.com/ctm/Supplier/Notice/ViewNotice/227889 (notice on Ted)