Jornada- Multimodal Transport ZLC -RAILGRUP-tmZ

Jornada- Multimodal Transport ZLC -RAILGRUP-tmZ

The need to progress in the environmental sustainability of the territories and being the European year of multimodality gives us a particular scenario to combine elements such as infrastructure, rolling stock, and digitalisation and the needs of the final customer, the shipper, from an approach in logistics key, multimodal, multiproduct and multiclient.

 Projects as Smart Rail or CLUSTERS 2.0 represent key development enablers to a multimodal approach.

 Market Place Platforms, value chain clustering and the development of TRAILS type projects to enhance trans-border freight transport in a one-stop shop mode to identify multimodal permanent Solutions to boost sustainable transport of goods and thus contributing to a seamless network of decarbonized from fossil fuel territories.




09:00h Welcome, Susana Val, ZLC’s Director, and Ignasi GómezBelinchón, Railgrup Manager

09:05h Digitalization, multimodal transport and railway systems. Milos Milenkovic, ZLC Research Fellow

09:30h Visit to tmZ’s facilities

12:00h Control Tower for long distance freight transport. Chris Wensik, Transport Consultant at Panteia

12:45h Networking lunch

13:30h CLUSTERS 2.0 Project. Milos Milenkovic, ZLC Research Fellow

14:15h Market Place EVENIS Project. Aristarco Tomás, Tomas Expediciones CEO

15:00h TRAILS-CSM Project. Miguel Angel Dombriz, FGC-Cargo Director and Railgrup’s Multimodal logistics working group Chairman

15:45h Expert’s panel discussion

16:00h End of the day